Volunteer Pins


The year 2001 was declared by the United Nations Organization as the international year of volunteers. Volunteering is perhaps, one of the very few acts that people still do without aiming for any materialistic profits. There are a number of non-governmental organizations that attract people from all walks of life to volunteer for a cause they are passionate to support. People recruited by such organizations are not formally employed by these organizations, and, therefore, do not have the company’s identification card or appointment letter.

Due to these reasons, it becomes extremely essential for all these volunteers to have some sort of an alternative identity proof validating their status with a particular organization or cause. Volunteer pins are the solution to this problem. By wearing these batches, volunteers gain an identity. This prevents them from being harassed for the lack of a formal identification card. Every recognized organization today feels that it is almost imperative to have a unique volunteer pin, which separates the identity of people volunteering for their organization from others.

There are companies dedicated to the sole purpose of manufacturing such lapel pins. Most of these companies have a separate creative wing, which assists various companies in innovatively designing a volunteer pin for their organization. These pins are made of a variety of different materials, from metal, to plastic, to enamel. Organizations can look at their specific requirements and budget to decide what kind of a pin they are looking for.

Some of the more established companies involved with manufacturing volunteer pins not only design but also give creative advice to their customers free of cost. They also provide their clients with a color proof guarantee. Most of the designs made for volunteer pins are immediately protected with the copyrights act.

You can look for such a store near your block or place your order online. The payment and other negotiations can also be done through the internet. Your product is then shipped to you at a stipulated date.